6 Days Rongai Route

6 Days Rongai Route Kilimanjaro Climb

The Rongai route is the least traveled and unspoiled route where the ascent is from the northeastern side of the mountain , along the border of Tanzania and Kenya at Loitokitok border. Local wildlife here is greater than any other routes.

Day 1 Nalemoru Gate (1950m) – First Cave Camp (Simba) (2700m)

You shall drive from your hotel in Moshi to Marangu Gate where you shall finish all the registration formalities and continue to Nalemoru village at the Nalemoru gate at 1950m. Here you shall do the final preparation for the climb and shall continue through the cultivated land and entering the pine forest where Colobus monkeys can be viewed. Overnight shall be at the first camp also known as Simba camp at 2700m.

Day 2 First Cave Camp (Simba) (2700m) – Second Cave Camp(3450m)

After breakfast you shall pass on the way the first cave at 3500m and continue to the second hut at 3450m which is about 3kms but you shall have gained only 150m altitude. You shall have a very good view of Kibo and the eastern ice fields of the crater rim. You shall have your lunch dinner and overnight at Second Cave.

Kili and Home 2Day 3 Second Cave Camp (3450m) – Third Cave Camp(3800m)

After breakfast you shall continue your steady ascent to the third cave and not forgetting to keep on drinking water all the time as its very necessary at the high altitude. Here you shall be very close to the eastern ice fields of the Crater rim. It’s very important to have a very Good night sleep tonight as you shall have to climb summit the next night so no sleep, rest little and trekking only. Lunch, dinner and overnight at Third Cave Camp(3800m).

Day 4 Third Cave (3800m) – School Hut Camp (4750m)

You hike through rocky moonlike landscape to School Hut at 4750m. This Hut has been renovated by Hauser Exkursionen International. The exclusive use of the hut gives much better chance to rest in preparation for the next day’s challenge.

Day 5 School Hut (4750m) – Summit Uhuru Peak (5895m) – Horombo Hut Campsite (3720m)

After a short night and hot drink, the final ascend starts at about mid-night. (The reason for this is to see the sun rise over Mawenzi from the top of Kibo, the loose stone scree is frozen –making it easier to climb, and you can get back in good time). The first part is an uneven trail, which leads to the Hans Meyer Cave at 5150m, a good rest point. After that, the trail makes more regular switch backs most of the way to the top, with a last scramble over rocks to Johannes Notch and Gillman’s Point, 5681m at the crater rim where you shall need all your mental and physical strength as it is the steepest section of your trek. From there, the trail continues past Stella Point to Uhuru Peak at 5895m the highest point of Africa. At the top there are stunning views of the ice walls offset by rugged rocks. After a fast descent to Kibo Hut for a meal and rest, continue to descend to Horombo Hut Campsite.

Day 6 Horombo Huts Campsite (3720m) – Marangu Gate (1980m)

An easy descend to Marangu Gate at 1980m via Mandara hut at 2700m. At the Marangu gate the successful climbers shall get their certificates and then get transfer to Moshi to the hotel.

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