Give back to the Community







On the 18th of May 2018 I met some incredible people (Teachers and students) at Uru Village . They are rebuilding a classroom that’s walls have fallen apart and are renovating each of the classrooms within the school one by one. Their dream is to provide a good supply of books, food and any other essential items.

From this we have I have decided to donate 10 percent of all the profits we make to go directly towards helping this cause and anything else the school wishes to create in the future.

In addition of the green recycle boxes place in several places in Moshi. You can find them in coffee shops, shops, and we will continue to put up more. We are collecting donation for orphanages and people who are in need in Kilimanjaro region and all over Tanzania
This is a joint program by Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Program and Homeland Adventures.
The boxes are opened when they are full and contents are given to an orphanage or a group of people who we know are currently in need. We use the opportunity to take donations to other areas in Tanzania whenever we have a Safari with tourists.

give back 2We ask to donate anything you can give that fits through the slot. People need clothes, shoes, toiletries (please make sure they are in a closed bag), toys etc. If your donations is bigger, just ask the staff to open the box for you.
We believe it is better to help with actual items, not money, as this is often abused. We give the items to the people and children directly, so they know it belongs to them. Therefore we strongly request to not donate money.
This is a perfect opportunity for travellers to help our community. Whether you bring donations on purpose or if you decide to leave something behind that people here could still need, here you have the chance to be sure it will reach those who need it most.